Rainforest to the Reef Scenic Flight 

This is a wonderful way for you and your friends to view all the Mackay Region has to offer. The Rainforest to the Reef Scenic Flight combines the Pioneer Valley to Sea Tour and the Island Buzz in the luxury air-conditioned twin engine Piper Chieftain.


Depart from Mackay and begin your viewing experience, flying over the regions sugar cane fields. Track over Mackay’s irrigation and water storage recreational dams towards the stunning Pioneer Valley. Take in the amazing kaleidoscope of green as the flight glides over the Eungella Ranges and sub-tropical rainforests.  Now on top of the world, the country transforms and showcases the lush farming fields surrounding Eungella Dam. Trekking in an easterly curve you will pass over the state forests, sugar cane fields and fruit crops as you near Cape Hillsborough where the rainforest meets the shoreline.

Be amazed by the prehistorical rock formations, see the wild life frolicking on the pristine coral sand. Loop around Carlisle Island and view the secluded white sandy beaches from above. Take in the crystal clear blue waters of Keswick Island, buzz around St Bees Island and across to Brampton.  Returning via Green Island and Shoal Point, this is an unforgettable experience highlighting the natural beauty the Mackay Shoreline and Islands boasts.