Flight Information

Before you fly..

Be prepared for your flight

At Island Air, your safety and well-being is very important to us. If you plan to take a charter flight, we require that passengers are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Also, we suggest you recently eaten a large meal or suffer from vertigo.


To ensure that your experience is an enjoyable one, we maintain strict safety standards and we may refuse travel to any person we deem is in breach of our safety policy.


We also recommend you wear comfortable clothing during your flight. Our aircraft are air-conditioned, however over longer periods you may experience some cramping due to space requirements, so it is important that you dress appropriately to ensure a comfortable flight.

Passenger weights and baggage allowances

Please read and comply with these guidelines

Passenger Weights

Unless otherwise specified by Island Air, a passenger manifest including individual passenger weights must be completed prior to the flight. All aircraft have operating weight limitations and this enables the flight crew to ensure the aircraft is loaded within these limitations and appropriate fuel loads are carried. This is particularly important for aircraft with less than 18 seats.

Standard adult passenger weights are 86kg for males and 71 kg for females. Particularly if individual weights average heavy than these standard weights, passenger numbers or baggage may have to be reduced.

We understand it may be intrusive to ask for your weight, however for your safety and that of our other passengers, it is crucial for the aircraft to remain within its weight limit at all times. 

If accurate passenger weights are not supplied prior to the flight, passengers or baggage may have to be left behind at the flight crew’s discretion.

Baggage Allowance

Our Baggage allowance policy is as follows. Its observance is mandatory, for your safety and legal reasons.

It is important passengers specify their proposed needs, and for these to be discussed with us.

Island Air inform you of feasibility, and work out a solution with you.  Without this process, you run the

risk of the Pilot(s) being put in the position of having to reject items at the point of departure.

The Pilot(s) is/are responsible for your safety at all times.

We understand that many trips require additional baggage, reduction in passenger numbers may be

required to make this possible. Sometimes a larger aircraft is needed. We will advise you of as many

options as possible at the planning stage.

If you arrive with more baggage than previously agreed on, there is a chance that Island Air will not

be able carry it without offloading passengers or passenger luggage. This is due to the limited space

available and the weight limitations placed on the aircraft.


When the aircraft is fully occupied, each passenger may carry:

  • One soft sided overnight bag or suit sack, weighing no more than 10 Kgs.

  • One of either briefcase / laptop / camera bag / normal sized handbag or similar

Baggage normally cannot be carried in the cabin, apart from small personal items such as moderately sized briefcases, laptops, and handbags.


All items must be capable of being stowed in the baggage holds.