Flight & Booking Terms and Conditions

Before you fly..

Be prepared for your flight

At Island Air, your safety and well-being is very important to us. If you plan to take a charter flight, we require that passengers are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Also, we suggest you recently eaten a large meal or suffer from vertigo.  To ensure that your experience is an enjoyable one, we maintain strict safety standards and we may refuse travel to any person we deem is in breach of our safety policy.


We also recommend you wear comfortable clothing during your flight. Our aircraft are air-conditioned, however over longer periods you may experience some cramping due to space requirements, so it is important that you dress appropriately to ensure a comfortable flight.

Flight Conditions: 

All flights are subject to weather and operational safety and are at pilots discretion.

Due to operational requirements, the first flight is after 07:00am and last flight must depart before 06:00pm otherwise extra fees will be incurred.  All passengers/groups may be required to share with other passengers/groups if minimum passenger requirements are not met. We also reserve the right to reschedule your nominated departure date for operational or logistics reasons.  Due to load restrictions, we may be forced to reduce the number of passengers and/or baggage if this exceeds allowed loads for the flight. At time of booking we will ask you the approximate weight of each passenger (and any accompanying baggage) to mitigate this.


  • Please note that all bookings require a 20% deposit, with the balance to be paid on or before the day of the flight.

Booking Cancellation and Refunds Policy:
The deposit can be refunded, minus a 15% administration fee, up to 24hrs before the flight, after which the deposit will be forfeit.

  • Where a flight has been paid in full prior to the date of the flight, the full amount minus a 15% administration fee will be refunded up to 24hrs before the flight.

  • Where a paid in full booking is cancelled less than 24 hours before the flight, the full amount minus 20% (the deposit amount) will be refunded.

  • Where a flight cancellation is due to external circumstances (e.g. weather), the full amount will be refunded or the flight rescheduled.

Please Note: Flight rescheduling is by mutual agreement between the customer and Island Air, where Island Air reserves the right to not reschedule the flight for any reason (e.g. if adverse flight conditions are deemed to be ongoing).

Basic Safety Considerations:
All passengers are allowed to embark at the pilot’s discretion. The pilots say is final in all cases.

  • Seat-belts are to be worn at all times whilst the aircraft is in motion.

  • Life jackets must be worn at all times while the aircraft is in flight above water.

  • Passengers may be refused boarding for any reason, but particularly if their presence/condition places the safety of other passengers, the pilot and/or the aircraft at risk.

  • Smoking is NOT permitted anywhere on or around the aircraft.

  • Alcohol and other illicit drugs may NOT be consumed on or around the aircraft. We remind passengers that they embark at the pilots discretion and passengers known to be intoxicated will be refused carriage.

  • Flammable or explosive goods, items and/or devices are strictly NOT permitted anywhere on or around the aircraft.

All Island Air Scenic Flights are conducted in accordance with the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR). So just as if you were taking a flight on a commercial airliner, there will be the obligatory safety talk, including how to deploy your life jacket.


Seat-belts are to be worn at all times whilst the aircraft is in motion and Life-Jacket pouches are to be worn at all times whilst the aircraft is in motion over water.


We thank you in advance for your consideration and co-operation.